SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's Operating Complex

Global-Local "Shops" Chain for Money and Non-Money Transactions of Products, Services and Information,
using conventional money as well as the Currency System.
GlocoShop pricing is based on the Panergetic Valuation and Impact System.

A key-initiative for building the trans-crisis socio-economy.
Participate, anywhere in the world. Open a GlocoShop in your village, neighborhood and Large Agro-Forestry Plot Project !

Note: SocietalSystem GlocoShop Platform does not ( want to ) cover, rather strongly encourages,
the, hopefully growing, direct and spontaneous no-money exchanges and forms of solidarity,
without any formalization, formal agreement or mutual obligations,
between family members, friends, collegues, neighbors and whoever, locally-to-globally.

Formulas and Method
Formula a:  Gloco-Transactions with SocietalSystem
Established Shopkeepers and Service Providers exchange products and/or services
with Links at their choice in the SocietalSystem-Platform.

SocietalSystem valuates these products and services in eGlocos and proposes them for exchanges them for societally relevant services.
People offering those services receive an amount of eGlocos.
They have to get their product or service, in principle, at the proper premises of the issuer.
No money transaction involved.
Of course, upon visiting the issuer the recipient can buy, with money, extra products or services.
Do the test: send your proposals to, who will contact you.
Example of Formula a:
Wine shop exchanges 1 bottle of wine with 5 Links in the SocietalSystem-Platform

Formula b: People
People or entities provide goods and services to societally relevant projects or entities,
in exchange of goods or services.
Example Formula b:
Citizen of industrial country transfers his car, or second car, to project in Africa.

Model Letters to Shopkeepers to join the system.
Model announcement to providers of societal services and products.

Products and Services not allowed in the GlocoShop transactions:
Arms, multinational and industrial foods and drinks
, medication,
products and services witha strong negative environmental impact
in terms of soil, sound, aesthetics, smell, etc.
products, resulting from socially negative labour systems,
sexual services, etc. System Synoptic Diagram

Pilot GlocoShop Platform
GlocoShop e-Région Province d'Essaouira, Maroc Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus
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SocietalSystem Co-Construction Program
Take proactively part in the conception and implementation of a viable, convivial society.
Start at your village, neighborhood, town, municipality, province, region, country, ...

Unique opportunities to create or improve jobs, enterprises and nonprofit organizations, locally-to-globally.
Innovative extensions of school curricula, in all branches of learning.

Good to know:
The preparation of the SocietalSystem-Project, ongoing since more than 30 years,
has majorly been 'financed" by no-money exchanges, apart of direct money and other forms of support,
in a number of countries, principally Portugal, Hungary, Morocco, France and Belgium.
Entities involved include citizens, public administrations, enterprises and nonprofit organizations.
Objects of exchange or direct support include: home and room, office space, cars and IT-material, server space online, marketing, etc.
in exchange for project consulting, preparation and coaching, courses, informatic services, links, etc.

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